How Crypto Guilds Are Shaping the Future Blockchain Gaming: Qor Baby Battle Universe Feature

Introduction to Crypto Guilds and the YGG Guild

You’re probably familiar with guilds, whether you’re a part of a small group with friends or a larger international guild. The same concept applies to crypto guilds — but there is one key difference.

Crypto guilds are not limited to a single game. Rather, the players in a crypto guild are encouraged to play a variety of games. As the market shifts, so does the gameplay.

Why? So, the guild can pocket as many NFTs as possible into their shared wallet. Then, the guild members profit from these assets on top of being able to play games they normally wouldn’t have access to.

Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Yield Guild Games is currently the largest gaming guild, with a market cap of over $650 million and over 4,700 scholars who earn from the guild’s assets.

Joining a guild is fairly simple. You will need to apply, but if there’s an open spot, asking around the YGG discord chat is usually enough to get in.

Shared Earning and Shared Wallets Explained

So, if there’s a shared wallet — does that mean there are shared earnings? Yes. But it’s not as simple as players cashing out each month. Rather, players in guilds earn monthly holdings within the wallet, and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) invests that money — making players investors by default.

Because of the massive amounts of assets that can be held in shared wallets, the potential for what gamers can invest in with their shared earnings is massive.

This is why guilds like YGG are paving the way for the future of blockchain gaming. Guilds make playing to earn accessible to anyone — and they form the backbone of some blockchain games, like Qor Baby

Baby Guilds: Qor Baby’s Guild System

In the Qor Battle Universe, guilds are essential. The Baby Guild owns a Baby Team, and these individuals care for and support their custom Qor Baby.

What Does It Mean to Be a Qor Baby Guild Member?

The Baby Guild is a governing entity, and their ownership of the Baby grants them voting rights on the Baby’s actions.

In the Qor Baby Battle Universe, each Qor baby has 11 Guild Members. The Baby’s Owner possesses 49% of voting rights, while the remaining 10 members possess 5.1% of voting rights each.

Guild members also gain voting rights to change the rules in the Qor DOA, which means that Baby Guild members don’t just have control over their Baby — they also have a say in how the Qor Baby Battle Universe works.

How to Form Baby Guilds

One way to start a Baby Guild is to purchase a Qor Baby. When you purchase a Qor Baby, you become that Baby’s Owner and Guild Member.

Original Owners are given 10 NFT guild pieces upon purchase. The owners can then sell or gift guild memberships with these guild tokens.

So, you can also become a guild member by purchasing an NFT guild piece or being gifted one by a generous friend.

Final Thoughts on Guild Memberships in Blockchain Games like Qor Baby

Blockchain games like Qor Baby open up a world of opportunities for gamers to earn assets through gaming. And with a unique system that delegates voting rights to guild members, Qor Baby puts more power in the hands of the people to decide how the game and marketplace operate.




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